Thinking of relocating to Dallas-Fort Worth and need help finding a new home? We’re at your service.

What you should know before the move:

Largest Metropolitan Area in the South, 10th Largest in North and South America:
At 7.2 million residents, Big D is one of the largest urban areas and largest economies in all of the Americas.

Welcome to The Silicon Prairie:
DFW is home to major firms in the IT, Telecommunications, and Digital Commerce Industry.  Major companies headquartered here include AT&T, Verizon, Nokia, Texas Instruments, Google and Salesforce.

If you’re moving in from a colder part of the world, DFW has more than enough heat for you.  Expect high sunshine in the summers, soothing falls, gentle winters and a nearly perfect spring.

Average Fall Temps:
High: 77
Low: 56

Average Winter Temps:
High: 57
Low: 37

Average Spring Temps:
High: 76
Low: 54

Average Summer Temps:
High: 94
Low: 73

Relocating out of DFW? We have Realtor® partners across the nation. Let us connect you with a professional who will take you from contract to closing with the expertise, knowledge and care that you deserve.